Arel's T80i is a rugged PC, no disk, special heat sync technology industrial controller with 10.4” high resolution touch color display.
Our T80i is the ideal controller whenever high functionality, utmost reliability and simple intuitive operations are required.
competitively priced & has a level of functionality exceeding the most expensive controllers.


  • Unlimited number of dye programs, any length
  • Unlimited number of parallel functions
  • Full multi tasking operation of parallel functions
  • Graphic editing of dye programs. Automatic synchronization of parallel functions for shorter dye cycles
  • Formula by rules concept-any parameter of the dye program can be calculated automatically to fit to the batch and to the machine characteristics
  • Dynamic simple optimization of the most sophisticated functions like memorized filling, smart rinsing, dosing, controlled salts addition etc.
  • Past-Present-Future display of the dyeing process
  • Unique historical reports. Zooming from total plant data into each individual event according to desired classification
  • Next batch preparation while current batch is still running, for maximum plant efficiency
  • Manual activation of predefined functions
  • Intuitive very simple operation
  • Multi language support
  • Web and e.mail interfacing, for data transfer and for remote analysis and support