Arel On Time Volumetric Chemical Dispenser (OTD)

OTD is a high precision multi component automatic dispensing system for liquid chemicals. it precisely measures the required quantity of liquid chemicals specified in the recipe and automatically delivers it to the machine.

The system combines a high capacity, variable speed lobe pump, a flow regulating device and a high precision flow meter with a sophisticated control system using Arel PC based controller for fully automatic,reliable operation.

A common distribution line with 3-way valves directs the chemicals to each dyeing machine ensuring swift transfer and simple layout.The lines are flushed with air prior to each dispensing cycle so that the quantity of rinse water is minimized.

A unique algorihm controls the variable speed dosing pump and flow regulating valve enabling fast dispensing with utmost accuracy.

Careful selection of components ensures rliable operation & long lifespan while construction methods and pressurized,turbulent rinsing ensures perfect cleanliness of the system for each dispense.

Dispensing screen