Integrated Control

ARAD-AREL Rapid Application Development is a unique Software tool that enables AREL PC conrollers
to be configured for virtually any control application - including monitoring and control of finishing ranges.

Developed under special license from microsoft®, ARAD is a powerful software-based PLC devolment application which
provides unprecedented flexibility of monitoring and control applications.

ARAD,together with AREL PC Controllers and I/O boards enable comprehensive control and management of finishing applications including:
  • Monitoring and Control of all Finishing functions
  • Fully integrated Chemical Dispensing
  • Supervisory Systems for central monitoring and control for integration with manufacturing execution systems of the mill
Typical control and monitoring functions For Stenter Control:
  • Dwell-time
  • Air Temperatures
  • Moisture Retention
  • Width monitoring and control
  • Exhaust humidity
  • Fabric weight
  • Down time reports and deviation reports

The controller can also be used as a reporting station
for plant production floor monitoring.

the controller may perform the following function Operations:
  • Filling the machine chambers and automatic start up
  • Adding chemicals (for the first filling and while the machine is running)
  • Keeping programmed levels while the machine is running
  • Temperatures control
  • Speed adjustments
  • Counter flow control
  • Pressures control of the squeezers
  • pH control
  • Concentration control
  • Steamer pressure control
  • DrControlled stop aining to various levels
  • Other agreed functions
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