Dye House Management & Control Center

AREL offers a complete line of software modules for the dye house control center:from basic central monitoring and program editing to comprehensive integrated system providing all aspects of the dye house management.


  • Customer order management
  • Defining of dyeing lots and combining with lot recipe
  • Optimized scheduling according to pre-defined rules
  • Production reports including re-dyeing and cost analysis
  • Schedule machine maintenance


  • Optimized recipes management based on predefined rules
  • Dye procedure management based on rules enabling to run the same procedure on dyeing machines
    with diffrent configurations
  • Creation of combined recipe/dye process
  • Management of optimized dissolving parameters and online scheduling for dissolving
  • Chemicals and dyestuffs stocks and orders management

M.M.C/1-Multi Machine Control

  • MMC/1 is a package of software and I/O boards that enables
    control of multiple machines directly from a standard PC,instead
    of costly individual machine controllers.
  • MMC/1 is an ideal solution for controlling a multi kier laboratory
    machinery or a sample dyeing machinery.
Control Center Screen
Dyeing Procedures
Freindly Parallel Graphic edeting of the dyeing Procedures for Automatic execution of unlimited Number of Parallel Functions.
Optimization Of Dyeing Procedures
Automatic Adaptation of the dyeingProcedures to the machine characteristics.
Central Monitoring
Supervisor Screens with 'lookahead' Function enabling Supervisors to display and manage expected manual interventions.
Dye house Shift Report Including Zooming Into Specific lot & Time Intervals.